Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nomenclature in the ARM world

The ARM processor architecture naming/numbering scheme is confusing.

Architecture versionFamilySample devices
ARMv4ARM7 (and some ARM 9s)iPod, Lego NXT
ARMv5ARM9OMAP1 (Nokia 770), Nintendo DS
XscaleSharp Zaurus, Palm Tungsten, Gumstix
ARMv6ARM11OMAP2(N95, N800, N810), iPhone
ARMv7Cortex-A8/A9OMAP3, no major devices yet

The table above is a cheatsheet that I use to get my numbers straight. For all the gory details refer to wikipedia. Each family above has several cores each, differentiated by the various feature sets they offer such as Jazelle, DSP, Thumb, etc. The devices listed are ones that I have owned/worked on.

2 comments: said...

BeagleBoard from is an OMAP3 device. A good stuff to install Jaunty to.

Amit said...

Thats right. I guess I meant there are no consumer devices based on OMAP3 yet - only development boards