Sunday, June 12, 2005

Resource wastage due to junk accounts

I was just thinking the other day. (Yeah i do such strange things every now and then). Sites like Google, Yahoo, MSN have many many abandoned accounts - Could they salvage a lot of resources if they could detect junk accounts quickly and correctly? Questions are:

- Is it worth the effort with disk space and memory being this cheap?
- Surely they will save a lot of hassles in backup times?
- How are junk accounts defined? Currently, I believe they define it as accounts not accessed for a certain period of time (3-6 months)
- How can they detect spammer accounts?
- Reading and typing the characters from skewed images during account creation is one way
- Google has started account invitations based on SMS from a phone. So you need a valid (mobile?) phone number and you are limited to 10 Gmail accounts to a single number.

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